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Is Advaita Vedanta Falsifiable?


A justified requirement of all theories in science is that they should be falsifiable.

The claim should be falsifiable through experiment, logic, thought experiments, etc.

When a claim is put forward that is not falsifiable, this is a claim that is not strictly according to the standards of truth set by logic and reason and it would be quite acceptable to reject it.

In the case of Advaita Vedanta also, we can question whether its claim is falsifiable or not.

And the answer is — Yes.

The claim of Advaita Vedanta is that the ultimate basis of the Universe is a single, homogenous, continuous Absolute Substance that is independent of time and space.

So if science achieves the final reduction of the question of the universe, and the base of the universe is not found to be a single homogenous Absolute Substance, then the claim of Advaita Vedanta is falsified.

For example, if the present Standard Model was shown beyond any doubt to be the final answer, Advaita Vedanta would have been falsified as the standard model says the base of the universe is composed of upto 26 discrete particles, with four forces and the Higg’s field in the shadows.

Of course, luckily for Advaita Vedanta, the Standard Model has too many unresolved issues for anyone to think of it as the final reduction.

Similarly, if the String theory that is being worked out is proven as the final reduction in any of its versions, then also Advaita Vedanta is falsified, because here also the root is composed of discrete particle like strings and there is no homogenous base.

Advaita Vedanta makes a bold statement about the final Truth, but this is not a vague statement. It is a very definite claim which can certainly be falsified.

Hence the claim of Advaita Vedanta is definite enough for it to be in accordance with science, and fulfills the demands of logic and reason.

Buddhism also makes such a definite claim, but it is the opposite claim. If Advaita Vedanta is falsified, Buddhism would be proven and vice versa. For more on this, read Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

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Advaita Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy

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