Advaita Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy


This section contains excerpts from the book, "The Circle of Fire: Metaphysics of Yoga". The excerpts are divided into the following pages according to the chapters:


Chapter 1 : The Natural Sciences

Chapter 2 : The Physical Sciences

Chapter 3 : The Medical Sciences

Chapter 4 : The Origins of Indian Thought

Chapter 5 : Different Positions in Philosophy

Chapter 6 : Advaita Philosophy

Chapter 7 : Advaita compared to other philosophies

Chapter 8 : Advaita and Modern Knowledge

Chapter 9 : Mysticism and the four Yogas

Chapter 10 : Bhakti Yoga

Chapter 11 : Raja Yoga

Chapter 12 : Karma Yoga

Chapter 13 : Jnana Yoga

Chapter 14 : Advaita in the Modern Context


The Bibliography here contains the names of the various internet sites which I had looked into while writing the book and which was not included in the book.

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